PDS — Design Systems
Joint effort between Peacock Commerce and Peacock Viewing Experience to build a Design System which works for two different teams and two different component libraries. The teams needed to align and contribute to one cohesive joint system, where we would have one single source of truth of look and feel.
Sports & Winter Olympics
Lead Product Designer for Sports Landing Pages within PeacockTV — designing, owning, and maintaining over 20 individual pages. As well as improving and creating multiple modules for our in-house CMS. Lead design for the 2022 Winter Olympics bespoke direct response landing page which contributed to the 790k users who converted to the Premium tier during the course of the Olympics.
NYU Alumni App — IBM Design Exercise
A presentation deck created in 72 hours for IBM's design exercise. IBM's challenge was to design a mobile application for my school's alumni. The mock app hoped to help not only Alumni but also Admission's Officers and current students stay engaged with the New York University community. *I was invited to attend the IBM interview round at their Chicago office. 
Paramount+ Service Launch
Designed various paid ads, campaign emails, social assets, and more as part of the 2021 Paramount+ Launch Team. Paramount+ was launch on March 4, 2021
Smithsonian Channel Service Launch
Created various digital assets for domestic and international launch as part of the Smithsonian Channel OTT Launch Team in 2018. The OTT service had 270,000 subscribers at the end of its lifetime. Smithsonian Channel is currently being housed on Paramount+.
Smithsonian Channel — Various Keyart
Keyart created in collaboration with other in-house designers for Smithsonian Channel. Assets are featured on multiple VOD distribution platforms (Amazon, Apple, Roku) as well as the brand's sunsetted OTT service. Smithsonian Channel is currently being housed on Paramount+.
One Stop Conveniences — AAPI Politics
Asian American representation in media and politics can affect how the general populous views Asian Americans as well as how Asian Americans view themselves. In the new age of media consumption, it is substantial for inclusivity to be factored in design and practice as the narratives we see fit for devouring are changing. One Stop covers the AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) experience in politics, incorporating information about Asian Americans voting practices in an attempt to derive a conclusion to finding the areas in which AAPI individuals inhabit and fit.
Graphic Design
Miscellaneous design work from 2015 to current year. A constantly updating page.
Motion Graphics
Motion graphic pieces created in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects for a Motion Graphics course at New York University. Research and Design process on page as well.
Various Social Media Campaigns — Smithsonian Channel
Social media campaigns promoting Smithsonian Channel's various shows and series. Each project was a collaboration between the Editorial and Design team. The campaigns were distributed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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